15 Life Hacks Tips for Easy Parenting

A child’s arrival adds a new chapter in the lives of young parents. The baby gives immense joy and satisfaction to the parents. Babies depend on the parent’s care. It requires mental preparation. Often young Indian parents fail to cope with the challenges. Young mothers suffer from baby blues after the birth of the child. The family member must come to her aid during the initial months.

You can buy several books, which highlight the importance of optimum child care. These provide insight into what parents should and should not do. Young Indian parents can join special classes, where the life coach prepares them to care for the new baby. The mental and physical development of your baby depends on the parenting strategies you implement.

Every child is unique and special. There is no universal parenting guideline. As a parent, you need to adjust to the new-born. It is essential that you realise the needs of your baby and change your routine. The parenting tips for parents and the assistance of experts can help you to cross the hurdles without much hassle.

What Are the Qualities of Good Parents?

The child’s needs evolve as they grow old. The parents need to develop their child-rearing skills as well. Best parenting techniques allow you to provide an excellent and constructive life for the child. Many feel that it is easy to bring up a child. He/she can learn things as the child grows old and matures. But it is far from the truth.

The father and the mother must cooperate to ensure optimum baby care. Here are some qualities, which make you a good parent.

  1. They focus on the needs of the child
  2. They pay attention to the health of the baby
  3. Parents teach the child positive behaviour
  4. They take the child out in a baby carry bag and inform him/her about the outside world
  5. They discipline the child in the correct way
  6. Good parents spend time to form a strong bond with the baby
  7. Though parents must protect the baby, they must encourage him/her to take challenges

Child specialists opine both fathers and mothers must improve parenting skills with time. You need to invest time and effort to accomplish this task. The parents and child must be in sync with one another. If you master the process, then you need not worry about child development.

Best Parenting Hacks Ever for New-Borns

Young parents feel the pressure within the first few weeks. The mothers find themselves on edge. They must meet the expectations of society and the child. If the mother lacks a helping hand, then she can slip in depression. So, the father must help her in every way possible. Cooperation between the couple is necessary to go through this challenging phase.

how to protect baby in monsoon

You can also consult with a child expert for additional assistance. These specialists can inform you about parenting hacks you need to know. Here are some tips, which can make the phase easy for young Indian parents.

Label Baby Clothes with Dot Method

Some couples have twins. It means double the joy and responsibilities. You need two of everything to offer adequate comfort to the babies. Baby clothing often confuses parents. But child specialists suggest that it is best to keep the clothes separate.

winter safety tips for kids

You can use the dot method to detect which dress belongs to which child. Assign one dot for one child and two dots for the other child. It eliminates all confusion. So, parents can no longer mix up baby clothes.

Keep Socks in Place

Socks and woollen garments rank on the top of the winter safety tips for kids. As babies move their feet, the socks tend to slip off. If you desire to stop this, then make patterns on the inside of the baby socks. Use puff paint to create the designs as the colour is not harsh for the baby skin. The pattern holds the socks in place.

Unique Playpen for Your Baby

As the baby gains strength in legs, he/she wants to explore the surrounding. You need to keep the baby within a secure and closed area. You may not have the budget to create a separate playpen for the kid. The inflatable baby pool can come in handy. Inflate it and place the baby inside. The high walls of the pool keep the baby within a specific space.

Make a Medicine Chart

The father must leave for work. The mother stays alone to care for the baby. But she must complete her regular chores as well. The mother may forget to administer baby medicine on time. You can eliminate this with a proper medicine chart. Once you administer the medication, you can tick a box. Put up the chart where you can see it.

Gather Toys Fast

Toys help the baby to improve cognitive and motor skills. Family members and friends bring toys for your baby. The toddler may scatter these toys on the floor. The clutter can pave the path for accidents. You can gather the toys with a clean wide broom and put them in a separate basket.

Keep Bath Toys Fungus-Free

parenting hacks you need to know

Babies love to play in the bathtub. You can make it more fun with floating toys. Water enters all the holes and crevices of these items. You can fail to wipe it dry. The presence of water paves the path for fungus. You can prevent the entry of water with simple life hacks for kids. Use a hairdryer to remove liquid. You can also seal the holes in the toys with waterproof glue.

Rubber-Band on Door Knobs

Your toddler tries to explore different rooms once he/she learns to walk. You cannot keep a watch on the baby all the time. The baby cannot reach the doorknobs. So, the chances are high that the door can slam shut. The baby can get trapped inside. You can eliminate this with rubber bands. Tie a rubber band on the doorknob to prevent the activation of the locking mechanism.

Use Vinegar on Injuries

child care

Your baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. You cannot prevent minor cuts and rashes. You can use vinegar on burns and wounds. Do not forget to dilute the vinegar with water before application on the baby’s skin. Such parenting hacks for babies come in handy when you do not have access to a disinfectant. Vinegar kills germs and soothes the affected area as well.

Indoor Slide for the Kids

Parents may not find enough time to take the toddlers to the park. You cannot play outside during the monsoon and winter season. You can make a portable slide for the toddlers with firm cardboard. Place the cardboard to cover the entire staircase. Your kids slide down on the cardboard. Once playtime is over, you can fold the cardboard and store it.

Encourage Cleanliness and Hygiene

Kids need some time to gain full control over their motor skills. They can create a mess with their food and paint. Good parents clean-up after the child. Great parents help the child to clean up the mess. It empowers young toddlers, and they become responsible. It also teaches them the values of hygiene.

Invest in Baby Transporter

safe baby strollers

Once your baby completes three months, it is time to take him/her out. Invest in safe baby strollers for this purpose. Special strollers, available on Sun Baby portal, offers comfort to your new-born. These strollers also have additional compartments for baby products. So, you need not carry an extra bag with you.

Use Plates with Suction Cups at the Bottom

Food plates, with suction cups at the bottom, are available in the stores and online portals. These plates stay put. Such items reduce the chances of food spills. You can make your suction cup plates. Purchase plastic suction cups from the store and stick it at the bottom of the plates with industrial glue.

Invest In a Good Walker

baby walker online

You cannot rush the development process. Some kids take their first step after six months, while others walk after one and a half years. A walker is a unique product that supports the baby and helps it to stand. Place the baby in the walker and fasten the straps. The straps keep the baby secure and provide balance. You can find an inexpensive baby walker online on the Sun Baby website.

Turn On Airplane Mode on Cell Phone

parenting hacks for babies

New-age kids learn to use mobile phones early in life. Do not forget to turn on the aeroplane mode on before you give the cell phone to your child. He/she may touch the dial button or send a blank text. If you turn on the aeroplane mode, you can put an end to this.

Constructive Corrective Measures

Your toddle may act out when you take him/her out in a baby carry bag. Several reasons can trigger bad behaviour in public places. Scolding the child in front of others can embarrass him/her. You must use reason and logic to correct behavioural issues. Non-violent nurture helps parents to shape the child’s nature.

Do you want to acquire the best products for your child? Each parent nurtures this desire. You can get all baby and toddler care products at home. Sun Baby offers necessary items for new parents. If you have a specific product in mind, you can book it online. You can avail discounts and save a significant sum.

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