Feeding Aversion

  Feeding a baby should be an enjoyable experience for all involved, however when baby repeatedly refuses to feed despite being hungry this makes feeding a frustrating and stressful experience for all involved.  Identifying the cause is essential if the problem is to be resolved.  This article describes reasons why hungry babies refuse to eat. […]

Bottle Feeding Problems

  When your baby squirms, appears uncomfortable during feed, fusses, cries or refuses to eat, it can be challenge to figure out the cause. The timing and type of behavior she exhibits provides vital clues. This article discusses potential reasons for troubled feeding behavior. Signs Does your baby display troubled behavior in relation to bottle-feeding, […]

Why Is Baby Not Drinking Enough

  It’s obvious when a bottle-fed baby is not drinking as much milk as expected. But does this mean she’s not drinking enough? Maybe ‘yes’. Maybe ‘no’. This article explains how to tell if your baby is underfeeding and the various reasons why babies don’t drink enough milk. How to tell if baby is underfeeding  Are you […]

Is Baby Overfeeding

  What is overfeeding? Overfeeding, also called over-nutrition, refers to a baby receiving more food than his stomach can hold and/or more nutrients than his intestinal tract is able to digest. A baby could receive excess nutrients from large volume feeds or an accumulative effect of small volume feeds. Overfeeding can occur if baby receives […]

How Much Milk Does Baby Need

  As a parent of a bottle-fed baby, you might worry that he’s not eating enough or that he could be getting too much.  This article explains how to estimate the amount your baby needs and reasons why some babies require more and some less than others. Is there cause for worry? You might be […]

Hungry Baby

  It feels like no sooner has your baby finished feeding and he’s hungry again. He’s feeding more often and eating more than expect. Find out how to read baby hunger cues, and what causes babies to act like they’re constantly hungry. Reasons for increased hunger 1. Not getting enough milk! If your baby is not […]

How to cook baby food in a hotel

Food Pouch

Are you planning to travel with your young baby and are worried about how to cook baby food in a hotel? Many young mums get stressed about travelling with a baby, especially if they are starting solids. However, there’s no need to stress about feeding your baby. With a little planning it shouldn’t be any […]

How to warm breast milk


So you’ve expressed and stored your breast milk, but what is best when it comes to how to warm breast milk? In this article, we will give you some tips about how to warm breast milk. But first: Why is it necessary to know how to warm breast milk? Most mothers know that breast is […]

Introduction of Solid Food Items to the Baby’s Diet

As the baby grows, the body needs more energy and vital nutrients. A gradual introduction to solid food becomes necessary, but while doing so, you need to keep in mind that the transition from milk to solid foods should not prove to be very much overwhelming for the baby. What are Solid Foods? When the […]

BREAST PUMPS – GUIDE | Manual & Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is one of the most important phases of motherhood. Every mother loves to breastfeed as it helps your baby to grow stronger, moreover, it creates a special bond between a mother and a child. As we all know, both husband and wife are working now-a-days so, in this busy schedule, women pump their breast […]

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